New Week’s Resolutions

Well, I can’t believe it’s already been a week since I posted my first New Week’s Resolutions.  I needed a few more days to accomplish my goals.  But, alas, a week is a week is a week!

A report from the last week:

1.  I never cleaned my “workstuff.”  It is all still a big ol mess.  But I thought about it everyday. . . .

2.  My eating has slowed from preparing-for-hibernation pace to more of a this-might-be-my-last-meal-for-a-week pace.  Not very much improved.

3.  I did write letters to my children this week!!  Yay!  I even wrote a letter to my sweet hubby.  We gathered together last night and took turns reading our letters out loud.  It was sweet to see Zippy smiling at different parts of his letter and to see Elliot force back a few smiles while reading his.  Chloe was quite excited to see “Dear Chloe” on her letter that Elliot read aloud for her.  Sweet, sweet!

But I won’t dwell on the failures and successes . . . .  I’ll just move right along to this week’s New Week’s Resolutions.

This week, I resolve to:  (I love the word resolve!  I resolve to . . . .)

1.  Clean my whole house.  The last few weeks, I’ve just spot-cleaned here and there and straightened up, etc.  But I haven’t actually cleaned all of my house all in the same day since Zippy was sick a few weeks ago.  I would like to clean my whole house in the same day this week.  Don’t laugh!  Things have been crazy busy!

2.  Paint my fingernails and toenails!  What!!??  Something for myself?  Yes!  A selfish goal to spend a half-hour painting on my nails.

3.  And a carry-over from last week:  Clean and organize my “workstuff.”  At the risk of completely turning my readers off (and certainly of running off my customers), I am posting photos of the current condition of my little workspace.  Perhaps with the added accountability and openness of such a photo, I will be more motivated to clean it up.  Please be forewarned that the following photos may cause your blood pressure to shoot up and may cause some neat-freaks to actually gag a little.  (Oh, how I wish I were a neat-freak!)

And there you have it!  This week’s goals.

How about you?  Any resolutions for the week?  Jobs or goals?  Some pampering you need to do?

Any embarrassing photos of messes you need to share!?  I can’t believe I’m posting those photos, and I have a feeling I will wish I hadn’t. . . but next week you can all brag on my accomplishment when I share a neat ‘n tidy photo!

Join me — if you want to leave your resolutions in the comments, that’d be great.  Oh, and use the word “resolve” because I really love that word!!  🙂


5 responses to this post.

  1. Dearest Kelly. Use your words!!!!! Use your words—–NOT your pictures!!!!!!!!! 🙂


    • YOU are the main reason I nearly didn’t post photos! Hahahaha! Now it’s all out there — no secrets! But you’ve always known I have NO shame — even when I should have! 😮


  2. I just have to giggle here…
    yes I am a little bit of a neat freak
    and yes that picture could easily have been taken in either of MY daughters houses.


  3. […] But here are photos to prove that I did at least clean off my desk. […]


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