Wow!  11-12 inches of snow makes for an awesome snow day!!  We played and we played and we played!  We played in the snow today from 9:00-3:00!  What a great time!  We made snowmen, we had snowball fights, we went sledding, we caught snowflakes on our tongues, we ate snow.  We did it all!  Enjoy some photos from today.  Most of my photos are of Chloe, but she was so darn cute!  And, in my defense, I have to stay close to her to catch her when she falls so she was my closest audience most of the time.

This snowman crumpled to the ground the moment after I snapped this photo!

If you look ever so closely you can see the teeny tiny snowman by Chloe’s outstretched leg.  She built it completely on her own, and she loved it!

Elliot’s first snowman snowbaby.

The best sled was the bottom saucer from a neighbor baby’s exersaucer, but we also used cookie sheets, hamper lids, and trays.  What fun!

Remember my baby tree that I love?  🙂  This was certainly his biggest snow.  And he did great!

Unbelievable sight for our Fort Worth, Texas home!!


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  1. Posted by Daile on February 13, 2010 at 9:40 AM

    Yeah! I saw it on the weather last night and I of course thought of my friends enjoying the snow as if they had travelled back in time to Michigan days. Enjoy!


    • Oh, Daile! I thought of you over and over and over yesterday! Our kids were too young to play in the snow when we lived near you, but man, we could’ve had a good time! 🙂 The differences in getting a foot of snow in GRR and in getting a foot of snow in DFW: we have no plows to clear 12″ of snow off the roadways, and a day later nearly all the snow is gone!! Funny. And also, we don’t own sleds so had to make do with household objects . . . . 🙂


  2. looks like a great time was had by all!!


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