Will wonders never cease?

Day 3 of Zach’s new med routine:  The kid did his homework by himself for the first time ever!!  The first time in his little life!  Seriously!  Before Monday, he had never done homework easily (wow, that’s a gross understatement), but on Monday, he did it by himself!!  Wow!  Now, I could get used to that!  Granted, he hasn’t done it since, but it has given me great hope for our future.

And Chloe had her 8 year well child visit this week.  She has gained 7 pounds!!  7 whole pounds!  The girl has weighed 40 pounds for 3 years.  I thought she would weigh 40 pounds forever!  But she has gained 7 pounds!  Yay, Chloe!  I think it is probably in large part due to her teachers blending a school lunch for her everyday.  All that good cafeteria food!  Awesome!  (The 7 pounds also explains why my trips to the chiropractor have become more frequent!)

And the last wonder:  We have gotten 6 or 7 inches of snow at our house over the past 24 hours!!  And, FYI, we live in Fort Worth!  It doesn’t really snow in FW — and certainly not inches!!  Wow!  Amazing!


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  1. WoW! I’ve been out of town so am just now ‘catching up’ on my fav blogs! You’ve had a busy time! … so glad to hear Zach’s meds are doing the job. My oldest grandson Kyle has ADHD and we are so pleased that his meds do such a great job… especially for school work there and at home!
    .. and Cloe with her P2G @ school!!!! that’s wonderful …I’m sure her teachers were excited about it’s potential.

    My daughters live in N Texas and both of them put pics on face book so I could see what their little ones ldid in the snow!! So cute to see them all bundled up… Avery built a snowman and made a snow angel I understand it’s still snowing there! Up here they’ve been out of school with snow days. Seems strange to think of snow days in … Keller and Euless!
    Have fun tomorrow with your little gang!.


    • HI, Cindi! Yes, the snow and the bundled children are incredible! We are loving it! We have big plans for the snow today. We got lots more of it last night!


  2. Posted by 5kidswdisabilities on February 11, 2010 at 10:31 PM

    It sounds like things are going a little better for you. (Isn’t medication wonderful????)
    Lindsey Petersen


  3. Oh!!! That is wonderful!!! This post made my day. So glad to hear the good news!


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