Repeating . . .

When I was at a friend’s house recently, she was on the phone with Charter Cable again, trying to get some problems fixed.  She wrestled for a bit with the automated recordings before she finally spoke with a breathing, blood-pumping human representative.  After scheduling for a technician to come out to her house, the representative explained that she was transferring my friend to listen to a recording.

The recording was lengthy and wordy, informing her of the specifics of the technician’s house call.  Then the recording announced, “This recording will now repeat.”  My friend laughed at that announcement and hung up the phone, choosing not to listen to the recording a second time.

I immediately laughed as I explained how awesome that announcement is!  I decided Zippy needed to be programmed to make a similar announcement:  “Warning!  I’m about to repeat myself!”  or “Beware:  Repetitive conversation to follow!”  or “FYI:  I will now repeat myself!”


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