Not Me! Monday

Today I’m joining MckMama and lots of other bloggers in Not Me! Monday, where we are confessing many things that we absolutely did not do this week!  (Of course we didn’t!)  You can click on over to her blog to see what other bloggers have not been doing!

Here are a few things I have not been doing:

This week I did not get the kids off to school and then go back to bed several mornings.  Several mornings?  No!  Not me!

This week I also did not eat an entire package of chocolately minty Lindt balls!  No way!  Not me! (Paul, please stop buying me candy!  It is so sweet that you enjoy bringing me treats, but no more candy, please!  Try cash instead — it’s less fattening!)

I also did not put off doing laundry all week until the mountains of dirty laundry overtook my whole household — leaving each family member with no clean undies or socks!  I always stay so on top of my household chores so I would never be so lame.  Nope.  Not me!

And while away at a conference for work, after receiving a text message about how well Zippy played in his basketball game I did not make an announcement to all of my new friends that “my 8-year-old made 2 goals in his game today!!!”  That would be bragging.  I don’t brag.  Not me!

How about you?  Anything you have not been doing lately?


4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Paul on January 18, 2010 at 9:00 PM

    Hey! You ate all the Lindor Balls?? I’m bringing them to work!!


  2. Oh boy! Let’s see …I haven’t been awake most of the night for these past couple of weeks… well no not me. And therefore have not been struggling to get out of bed before 10 …when all 3 kitties are wondering when they will get there next meal. Nope I’m not the one in a heap on the bed just struggling to stay awake long enough to see which of the 3 are nudging at me and jumping off then on then off again. I am not the one turning over and pulling the covers over my head. I’m not the one tossing and turning at 2:30AM looking at the clock and wondering when will I finally doze off. And that isn’t me going in my head thru every house I’ve ever lived in??? …. starting at the front door etc… >>why??<< Nope that's not me!
    It also wasn't me who told Chuck that tonight I'm setting the alarm on my cell phone for 8:30 tomorrow morning and leaving it across the room so I have to get up!
    And it's not me looking at the time on my computer right now that says it's 1AM and I don't really need to be heading to dreamland …

    ..giggle… that was sorta fun… I just wanted to see if I could do it … I only confused myself at the end there.


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