$2 x 3

I’m looking for $6.  Gotta find $6 before morning.

Elliot is losing his baby molars.  Well, that’s not exactly true.  Elliot is losing pieces of his baby molars.

The first one happened a month or so ago.  He was flossing -like all perfect children do- when the floss stuck to his tooth and broke half of it off.  Half of his molar was in his hand; half of his molar was still in place and not even loose.  Weird.

Since it didn’t hurt him all that bad the next day, I decided we didn’t have to rush to the dentist.

This weekend after Elliot was in bed, he felt with his tongue that the molar on the other side of his mouth was loose.  He touched it lightly with his tongue . . . and half of the molar broke off.  He came in my room again with half of his molar in his hand while the other half was still in his mouth not even loose.  Weird.  Weird, weird, weird. I stared into his mouth at 2 half molars firmly in place.  And these 2 halves did not make a whole!

So we went to the dentist on Monday morning.  I expected the dentist to call in all her friends while they stared and studied this odd phenomenon of teeth crumbling in a child’s mouth.  But, surprisingly, she wasn’t the least bit thrown.  It seems that it is not uncommon for baby teeth to crumble.  <shrug>

After xrays, the dentist showed me 2 more molars that were in danger of crumbling soon.  I signed the release for her to pull the 2 halves and one of the others.  I was sure wishing that 2 halves did make a whole so I wouldn’t have to pay for all 3 teeth . . . .

So my boy had 3 extractions yesterday.  His eating and chewing is slightly inconvenienced.

And I need $6.

And then I have to maneuver up onto the 7 or so foot loft bed and carefully slip the money under his pillow.  I will try to be more graceful than I was the time that I completely fell on top of him while he was sleeping.  Thankfully he already knew that I was the tooth fairy; otherwise, that would have been a tough one to explain . . . .

Now, to find $6 . . . .


6 responses to this post.

  1. I feel your pain! My daughter lost a tooth last month and the tooth fairy couldn’t come because our only car was in the shop and I couldn’t get to the bank. Several days passed and eventually the tooth fairy forgot all about it. On Christmas morning my daughter reminded me by slyly slipping her tooth (in a plastic container) into my stocking.

    I’ve never heard of baby teeth crumbling, though. I suspect it was because of all that flossing. 🙂


    • Oh, my! She slipped it in your stocking! Too funny! And there you go . . . . Your son doesn’t need to clip his nails since y’all taught him to bite them; and now you shouldn’t let him floss since it causes teeth to crumble! Your to-do list is getting shorter every day! 😉


  2. I ended up finding $6 in quarters! Elliot was quite pleased to find 24 quarters this morning . . . in the bathroom. Yes, I decided to put them neatly on the counter in the bathroom — near his toothbrush so it makes sense — instead of risking my life on the loft bed! Deed done. 🙂


  3. I did not know baby teeth can crumble. I learn something new every day. I am CRACKING UP envisioning you falling on top of him while trying to put money under his pillow! Why don’t you have Paul follow you in there with the camera just in case it happens again. 🙂


  4. Cute post! Glad you did not risk your life and limbs! 🙂


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