Warm Coats

Warm coats!!  A little too late? . . . or right on time?

I did not post yesterday because my entire day was zapped with taking Elliot to the doctor — we were there for over 2 hours!!! — and shopping desperately for coats for my boys.  I hear that later today, we are getting an Arctic Blast — AN ARCTIC BLAST!!!!!  It will get down to 14 degrees tonight and the next couple of nights — 14 degrees!!!  The high for the rest of the week is in the 20’s — The HIGH for the rest of the week is in the 20’s!!!!

Okay,  I will try to stop repeating myself.

I admitted here this week that my boys didn’t have winter coats.  But when I heard of the ARCTIC BLAST coming to attack us, I decided to run out and get coats.  Well, guess what?  The first week of January is NOT a good time to buy coats for children . . .  because all the coats are gone!!

So after running all over town yesterday for hours, I think I bought the last 4 coats in the Fort Worth area for my 2 boys!  Yes, 4 coats.  I originally bought Zach a really pretty yellow coat.  Yellow is his favorite color, and I couldn’t wait to show it to him.  But it went back to the store because it “looks like a girl.”  And the first coat I bought for Elliot had a small rip in the sleeve.  But I was feeling desperate!  It was a really puffy coat and the only one in the city so I grabbed it.  But later I found him another coat that wasn’t quite as puffy and had no rip.  (I, for one, can’t stand a puffy coat, and I can’t imagine my boys playing outside and being able to ride a bike or play basketball in a really puffy coat . . . .  but that’s just me!)

I would like to end this post with something brave and daring like, “So come on, you nasty Arctic Blast!  We are so ready for you, you bad boy!”

But the truth is, I’m frightened of the Arctic Blast.  It. Will be. So. Cold.


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  1. Posted by Laura on January 7, 2010 at 9:26 AM

    Attached is a part of a letter I wrote to a friend of mine in Afghanistan just to make her forget that the whole world is not dusty and hot! I have felt your pain when you were talking about your kids and coats…I hope this makes you feel like you are not alone!

    Here’s something that is ridiculous. We knew this cold weather was coming and realized that none of my children had a coat. Sure, they had jackets, but nothing that would hold up to wind and rain and a 25 degree wind chill. I told my husband that I was NOT going to send my kids to school today without a coat. He rolled his eyes and said they’ be fine, but he’s a 300 pound man and thinks he’s tough. Besides, no one cares about how his mother takes care of him! So, last night, we went in search of coats. I swear God was testing me (and continues to test me) when He gave me three girls. We went to every store in the mall, Sears, Burlington Coat Factory, and Target and still no coats! It’s not that there were no coats, but…”I don’t like the color…it makes me look fat….it’s too big…it’s too little…I look like a boy…” You get the message. I was so frustrated I could have spit. Finally, my husband says, “What about Academy?” I am such an idiot, I never thought of that! We finally found some there and they were very reasonably priced. Kirby, however, had her mind set on a coat “just like Grace’s” (who Grace is, I have no idea, what the coat looks like, I have no idea, nor can she describe the coat) that she got at Kohls. So by now it is after 9:00 and we head to Kohls. There was one coat, it was in Kirby’s size, it was not with the other coats and it was NOT like Grace’s! I wanted to die! But guess what, she liked it BETTER than Grace’s! On top of everything else, it was on sale for only $40! Thank you Jesus! I swear God put that coat there! So, long story short, I did not have to feel like a terrible mom and could send my kids to school today with a clear conscience. Lesson learned… make sure kids have a coat BEFORE they need it!

    This was written a while back, like maybe before Christmas, so maybe I had a LITTLE jump on you, but could be the same story, huh?

    I am loving keeping up with you through this!


    • Funny, Laura!! At least I didn’t have to do the shopping with my kids! I was just running like a mad woman through the mall. I realized at one point that I was passing “the walkers” in the mall — you know the people who are there for exercise and for getting their heart rates up — I was zooming past them at lightning speed as I watched the minute hand click closer and closer to 9PM! Jeez!


  2. I had a problem locating a coat for my daughter just this past week this year. It is only November, but, all the coats area already gone. I finally found my daughter’s coat at Walmarts. That is all that was left in this city. My son was lucky and I had found one at Children’s Place on the clearance rack. LOL It seems, they are not making enough of them for some reason.


    • Isn’t that crazy!!?? So glad you found some! As we have only dipped down below freezing a couple of times here (it’s 35 this morning), my kids have just been wearing their jackets and we haven’t pulled out their big coats yet. I think and HOPE that I bought them big enough last year that I won’t have to buy new ones this year. . . . but I should double check just in case I should be doing some shopping!! 🙂 Thanks for commenting, Kimberly!


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