Forgot One Little Thing

Tonight I sent Zachary to take his shower.  I had already started it for him so the water could get hot before he got there.  He ran off to get in the shower, but a minute later I heard him in the bathroom:  “Oh no!  Oh no!  I forgot. . .  I forgot.  Oh no!”

Paul ran in to see what was going on.  Zippy was standing in the middle of the bathroom floor, dripping wet.

“Uh oh.  I forgot to take off my clothes!” he laughed.


5 responses to this post.

  1. I came to your blog from knowledge safari and have just spent a little time here. I have enjoyed reading about your family.

    Can you tell me where you got the Coby MP3 player with speakers? My duaghter loves music and that would be very nice to have when we are waiting in doctor offices.

    Thanks, Debbi


    • Hi, Debbi. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I apologize for just now getting back to you. Things have been crazy, and I was wanting to wait and try to do some research before replying. I think we bought ours through Amazon. Amazon currently doesn’t have any. Here’s the link so you can at least see what it’s called, etc. The item number or whatever on the machine is MPC351. Maybe experiment with putting a space at different places when you do your google search — I found it listed several different ways. (But haven’t found any actually for sale yet.) Please let me know what you find out. Good luck!!


  2. How cute!

    Found you via MckMama. 🙂



  3. So funny! And how great that he saw the humor too!


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