A Few of Chloe’s Favorite Things

It was hard to narrow down Chloe’s favorites to just these few, but I think this is a good sampling of favorites.  Generally speaking, Chloe loves all things electronic.  Things with batteries, lights, buttons, sounds, music, a screen . . . .  she loves them all!  But specifically, here are a few faves:

1.  I already mentioned Scout, the dog she got for Christmas.  She loves that dog.  And that dog loves Chloe.  He’s always ready to play or snuggle or sing with Chloe.  She nuzzles up close to Scout and sings right along with him when he sings his songs.

2.  Scout had a couple of friends to greet him when he joined us on Christmas day.  The two doggies.  Yes, we have two of them because . . . well, one just wasn’t enough.  (Besides, they are a little bit different.)  Chloe adores these two doggies.  They sing songs and say nice things.  But they aren’t as soft as Scout, and they don’t know Chloe’s name.  Still Chloe LOVES these dogs!  She likes to push their paws at the same time so they sing their songs in unison.  Hearing the two doggies and Chloe singing songs together is much like watching a little choir practice.  These doggies bring much joy and go on lots of outings with us.

3.  While we are on a roll with dogs, I’ll add Butterscotch, the doggie.  Chloe definitely has a love affair with Butterscotch.  Butterscotch is ultra soft and oh so sweet!  Mimi bought Butterscotch for Chloe when she had her botox procedure at the hospital.  He has been a favorite ever since.  None of the sing-songy doggies get to go to bed with Chloe so Butterscotch remains the top dog of choice for bedtime!

4.  Also for bedtime, Chloe likes her music.  This is an awesome piece of equipment.  A couple of Christmases ago, Paul and I searched the world over for an MP3 player with its own external speakers that was durable enough to last through my precious girl’s treatment — getting dropped, drooled on, reprogrammed, etc — and large enough to be useful to her.  And this little Coby machine has done the trick.  It is loaded with Baby Einstein, Signing Time, and some of Chloe’s other favorites.  She (and I) love it.

5.  Chocolate pudding is Chloe’s favorite food on the planet.  She likes the good ol Snack Packs.  We buy big boxes of it and go through it pretty quickly.  She likes to break the pudding packs apart, and she likes to open the pudding packs, too.  Every time she opens one, we talk about how strong she is and how big her muscles are.  If I forget to mention her muscles, she promptly reminds me so I’ll give her the opportunity to show me her big muscles.  She could eat her weight in pudding everyday if we let her!

6.  Chloe also happens to love doors.  She opens and shuts, opens and shuts, opens and shuts.  She watches the latch and the doorknob, studying it to see how it works.  She goes out and comes back in and goes out again.  She loves doors.  Bedroom doors, front doors, cabinet doors, closet doors, glass doors, wooden doors, revolving doors, automatic doors, car doors.  You name it.  She loves it.  While I must admit this fascination with doors is NOT healthy play, I cannot deny that it’s one of her favorite pasttimes.

7.  GloWorm.  Oh, GloWorm!  Chloe so loves GloWorm!  Chloe and GloWorm have been pals for a long time.  He remains a favorite!  His little face lights up, and he plays sweet, sweet tunes.  I’d like to know how many batteries I’ve put in that toy over the years.  Chloe loves GloWorm.

8.  Chloe has 2 light up shirts that she loves.  They are both Christmas shirts from Wal-Mart last year.  One is Tinker Bell, the other one is Rudolph.  She loves them!  But her teachers said the shirts distract her all day at school — they almost banned her from wearing them to school!  Too funny!

9.  She also likes this red game.  She has several alphabet games that sing, teach the letters and letter sounds, and make funny noises.  She loves them all.  I think this red game used to be her Gaz cousins’ game — they gave it to her quite some time ago.  (I think their mama was glad to see it go since it’s a little loud.)  She goes through stages with these letter games, but she does really enjoy them.  Sometimes she misses the questions on purpose just so she can hear the game say, “Here.  Let me help you.”  🙂

10.  These little Leap Pad turbo twist games are great.  Chloe loves them.  This one is a math one.  It starts with simple addition and subtraction, but it can also do multiplication, division, percentages, and decimals.  It’s a great game.  Again, Chloe will oftentimes purposely miss the questions so she can hear the game make some silly noises.

11.  This precious little sheep is a new favorite.  Chloe got it for Christmas.  It baaaas and wags its little tail.  Too cute!  We got one like this for a friend’s birthday recently, and Chloe had a hard time letting her little friend take it home.  But Chloe got one for Christmas, and all’s well with the world.

12.  While GloWorm is very special and very loved, I think he’s probably sensing some strong competition these days.  For her birthday last week, Chloe got this sweet little sea horse.  He is precious!  He is very much like GloWorm in that he glows up and plays some really sweet music.  Chloe loved him nearly at first sight, which is a huge thing for her.

Ok, I’ll stop there.  She has MANY favorite things.  She’s so easy to please.  I mean, as long as you have a pack or two of double As!


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  1. Posted by dad on January 1, 2010 at 10:00 PM

    this girl has sooooooo many friends ! I know why …she will play with her friends for hour after hour ..friends love that . I love this new topic! LOVE YOU


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