Christmas Photos

Ok, so we didn’t get the best of photos on Christmas day, but I do have a few to share.

It snowed and snowed and snowed on Christmas Eve.  NOT the usual Fort Worth Christmas weather!

But while the weather outside was frightful, our fire inside was so delightful!

Then, we all gathered at my mom’s for Christmas Eve.  We listened to the Christmas story from the book of Luke, and we sang every Christmas carol we could think of!

We even forced talked my nephew into playing “the drums” while we sang The Little Drummer Boy.

And Elliot drummed with force on Clint’s back.

On Christmas morning, Zippy quickly dumped out his stocking, disappointedly announced the lack of gummy worms in there, and then settled for a Tootsie Roll Pop.

And the opening craziness began . . .

Chloe got My Pal Scout.  He is a dog who sings and talks.  You connect him to the computer and download songs and info.  So the very first thing he said to Chloe:  “Hi, Chloe!”  Wow was she ever surprised!!

She watched him closely, wanting to be his friend, but still a little frightened. . .

You can’t be too careful about new friends.  You never know when they might suddenly dance or clap their paws or something . . .

Thankfully, Scout did neither so Chloe felt comfortable enough to move in for a closer look.

And even though we eventually talked her into opening some other presents, she never turned her back on that talking, singing dog who somehow knew her name.  (But she ended up loving Scout and has spent hours barking and singing and playing with him!

Elliot was happy with his Bakugan — the one thing he asked for.

After the presents were opened, Zach came and sat with me and pouted that he didn’t like the things he got and that he didn’t get what he wanted.  Oh, me!  The build-up of the emotion of Christmas hits us with disappointment sometimes.  He did eventually warm up to his gifts and had a great time playing with them.

We had a great Christmas!  And I think everyone would agree that we got what we wanted and more!!  (Except maybe gummy worms!)


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