We went to the COLDEST Christmas party EVER last weekend!!!!

What??  I am NOT exaggerating.  I would never exaggerate about something like this.  It WAS the coldest Christmas party EVER!!

Each year we look forward to the ARC Christmas party.  They have the party at a different location each year.  Santa’s there.  Face painters are there.  Music therapists are there with their instruments and pretty voices.  There are presents for all the kids — those with special needs and their siblings!  There is food!  It is always a great time for the kids.

Well, this year, the party was held outside at the ball field where the Fort Worth Cats play.  The whole thing was literally a horribly painfully cold wind tunnel!!  Elliot and I both got splitting headaches pretty quickly.  Zippy was NOT a happy camper.  It was terrible.

We quick as lightning got some photos with Santa, grabbed our gifts, snagged a few snacks, played the drum for a quick Christmas carol, and sprinted back to our warm van!

I do have some photos.  You can’t even tell we were as miserable as we were.  And the Santa was not a handsome Santa this year.  The kids didn’t notice, but I think his mustache is in the wrong place. . . . and I don’t think he was smiling behind that beard!!


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