Adoption Journal – 16

For National Adoption Month, I’m sharing my journal from when we adopted 8 and a half years ago.  This entry is dated May 31, 2001 and is the day we first learned about Baby Boy Glenn — our Zachary!

There is a birthmother scheduled to see our profile tomorrow afternoon.  The baby is already born; he’s nearly 3 weeks old and is still in the hospital.  He was born at 33 weeks (the mother had an infection in her amniotic fluid) and tested positive for cocaine.  He apparently went through some pretty major withdrawal but seems to be over that.  He weighed only 4 lbs 6 oz at birth, and his lungs weren’t mature.  He isn’t eating well and has lost about a pound, and he is in an incubator to help his breathing.  He is African-American.  His mother will learn all about us tomorrow.  Is this our baby?

Lord, have your will.  If this baby is the one You have for us, we pray that his mother will like us.  Give her peace and direction as she makes these difficult decisions concerning her son.  Have Your will, Lord!

Did she like us?  Did she choose us?  Find out tomorrow right here on this blog!!  🙂


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