Adoption Journal – 14

Almost to the end . . . .  Keep reading . . . . .  This journal entry isn’t dated, but probably is a day or so before Zach was born.

We have started talking about names for the babies.  Even though we have no idea if they will be boys or girls, we have envisioned adopting a boy and being pregnant with a girl.  We’ll see in a few months.

Funny that we are picking two names at the same time.  At present we like Sophie Annette for a girl and Zack Anthony or Quincy Aaron for a boy.  We have others that we like, too, but these are our favorites.

Certainly we are doing better this time than when we went to the hospital with a list of 12 or so names for Elliot!  Ha!

Funny that we sorta knew we were adopting a boy and were pregnant with a girl.  And we kept pretty close to the chosen names.  We ended up with Chloe Annette and Zachary Aaron.

A name is a very important thing, isn’t it?

Besides making sure the name sounds nice and trying to ensure we are not setting our child up for some terrible nickname, Paul and I also took care to choose names with meanings that we could claim for our children.

Elliot Alan.  Elliot means “My God is the Lord.”  Wow.  That is a strong name.  And we gave him the middle name of Alan because that’s Paul’s middle name.  Alan means rock or little rock or handsome.  I like all of those for Elliot.  I certainly think he’s handsome.  And I pray that he is always a strong rock, standing firm in his faith and in his character.

Zachary Aaron.  Zachary means The Lord Remembers.  Yes, it’s a perfect name.  The Lord certainly remembered Zachary — in his birthmother’s womb . . . in the NICU after he was born . . . three weeks later when we picked him up and brought him home . . .  and still today the Lord remembers Zachary!  We decided to stick with middle names starting with A.  Aaron means mountain and enlightened.  Wow.  I like those, too.  The two words make me think of wisdom and confidence — two things I pray for Zach.

Chloe Annette.  Chloe means blooming and verdant and growing.  Oooo.  I like that.  We have watched that little girl slowly blooming right before our eyes!  And the growing and verdant (green) part makes me think of alive and fresh, which she totally is!  Neat!  Annette means grace and favor and full of grace.  Wow!  That makes me want to holler!  She is so full of the favor and grace of God!  It is just all over her.  I can’t even express what a perfect name that is for her. . . .  Now, I must admit if you were to see her walking down the hallway, you would not say she is very graceful!!  Ha!  No, it’s not that kind of grace.  But it’s a more beautiful kind of grace that radiates off of her and touches and blesses everyone she knows.  Graceful, indeed!

Well, now that I’m all touched and emotional and covered with chills reminding myself of the meanings of my kids’ names, I would love to hear about your kids’ names.  Why did you name them what you named them?  What do they mean?  What does it mean to you?


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  1. Posted by Tia Sheldon on November 28, 2009 at 7:21 PM

    I do think that names can affect how a child is viewed by others and how they feel about themselves. We had pretty much decided on Lauren Mackenzie when I found a book that had interviewed people to see what image they had when told various names. Most people thought of a tall, slender brunette who was very intellegent when they heard the name Lauren. I liked that, even though our Lauren is VERY blond (not just in hair color but also in her thought patterns). My mother-in-law’s mother was Macy Emily and her grandmother was Macy Elizabeth. I actually chose Mackenzie for Lauren because I thought it was quirky and could possibly be shortened to Macy or Kenzie. As things go, we stuck with plain old Lauren, but it fits. Obviously I decided I was just going to have to go with Macy Elizabeth on our second one. Nothing too deep, but we liked the sound. One of our criteria was how it would sound when the full name was shouted when they got in trouble. 🙂 It had to flow easily at a loud volume.


  2. Posted by Daile on December 3, 2009 at 11:53 PM

    Sweet pea, what a wonderful time I’m having jumping in occasionally and reading your loving thoughts of your family.
    My girls:
    Riley=brave, courageous Abigail=delight of her F/father
    Cora=maiden Elizabeth=God’s promise
    Sadie (der. Sarah)=princess Isabel (spanish Elizabeth)
    Libby (der. Elizabeth) Josephine=God increases

    What an important thing to think of when naming a child, in my opinion!


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