Adoption Journal – 13

The end of the month is nearing . . . . the end of National Adoption Month and the end of my adoption journal entries.  Thanks for reading them with me!

This one is dated May 7, 2001 (exactly one week before Zachary was born!).  It seems we had already settled into the idea of two babies.  🙂

Lord, thank you for this baby growing inside of me!  You are awesome to give us this special gift!

We also come to You asking for the gift of an adopted baby if it is Your will.  We desire to adopt a baby, Lord.  We have wanted it for a long time, and we feel that our hearts are so ready to adopt.  Lead us, Lord.  Continue to direct us.  Thank You for the peace that we have about continuing the adoption.  But we ask that You would continue to open and close doors according to Your will.

And I wanted to go ahead and include the next entry today.  It doesn’t have a date, but it has to have been shortly after the previous one. . . .

We had our first OB appointment today.  What joy to be going through the prenatal stuff again.  Everyone at the doctor’s office congratulated us on not only this pregnancy but also on our pending adoption!  How exciting to be in this place!

The doctor thinks I’m 10 weeks along and says my due date is December 14.  So if the adoption takes place soon, the babies will be about 7 months apart.  That will be 7 months that I can spend bonding with the new baby (and getting him/her on a good sleep schedule!!).

We heard the baby’s heartbeat today, too!  Incredible!

Lord, thank You for the two babies You are preparing for us!

Did you know that while white couples wait and wait for a white baby to come available for adoption that black babies will often wait and wait for a family to adopt them, simply because of their race??  There is a big need for people to adopt African American babies right here in the US.  Today I pray for more families to choose African American adoption!



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