Adoption Journal – 10

Wow.  We are nearing the end of National Adoption Month and nearing the time in my old journal of when we brought Zachary home!  Oops.  I just gave it away.  Now you know what’s gonna happen . . . .


Oh, well.  Back to the story.  This journal entry is dated April 23, 2001.

Machelle came to our home for our home visit.  She stressed several times during our meetings that the home visit isn’t a big deal.  She promised she would not bring her white gloves to check for cleanliness; she wouldn’t check cupboards or closets.  She was simply here to verify that we have room for another child.

We invited her to have lunch with us.  Lois ate with us, too.  We had a nice visit over lunch; we really enjoy Machelle.  She enjoyed getting to know Elliot.

We gave her our profile to read.  She said it was great and that she wouldn’t change a thing.

Then she quickly took a tour of our house, and she was gone.  That’s it.  That was easy.

Now we just have to wait for our reference letters and our criminal clearances and our medical forms.  Then we will become a waiting family.

Thanks for sharing in my old journal with me.  I pray it is a blessing and maybe even an inspiration to someone.  At the very least, maybe it is borderline entertaining . . . .  🙂


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