Adoption Journal – 9

Here is the next entry from my adoption journal.  The date:  April 19, 2001.

At our 3rd meeting with Machele, we watched a couple of videos on adoption and looked at some sample profiles.  (Adoptive family profiles are little books that the family puts together for the birth parents to see.  The profile includes facts, hobbies, and photos of the family wanting to adopt.)  It is nearly time for us to write the profile that the birthmothers will see.  It will include information about our childhoods, our religion, our famiies, our jobs and education, Elliot, our home, etc.  We will include pictures, too.  This will be a big deal to write.  Most of them are about five pages long.  Seeing samples will sure be a help to us though.

Our 4th meetings were individual meetings with Machelle.  She met with me after reading my self study. She asked a little more about my family’s personalities.  It only lasted 20 or 30 minutes.  Then she met with Paul and asked him some questions about his family’s personalities.  Their meeting lasted the whole hour because he is a bit chattier than me, I guess!

That next day or so we wrote our profile and chose photos for it.  I wrote the profile except for the paragraph about my personality.  Paul wrote that part.  It was much easier to write than I was expecting.  We’ll let Machelle read it to see what she thinks.

So far the whole adoption process has gone smoothly and quickly.  We have such peace and confidence that we are obeying God.  And we are getting excited to get our baby!

It’s National Adoption Month!  Please pray today for the 143 million orphans in the world.  Know any adoptive families?  Pray for them, too.  🙂


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