What to Wear

Elliot.  My 10-year-old boy.  The one who has never shown any preference at all about what clothes he wears.  Never.  Not even one time.  Really.

Well, at least until yesterday.

Yesterday it got cold here.  Ok, for you northerners . . .  you guys who have been wearing sweaters for weeks and weeks, I should clarify:  it was in the mid 50s, but there was a freezing cold wind!  It had to have been 20 below on the wind chill factor!  It was cold!  (I exaggerate a tad . . .)

Anyway, we winter weenies in Fort Worth thought winter had settled upon us yesterday.  It was cold enough, in fact, for long pants and a long sleeve shirt.  Elliot’s attire:  size 10 jeans, thankyouverymuch! And a hand-me-down navy shirt with a silver Superman S on the front.

He loved the shirt! I promise he commented on how much he liked the shirt all day long.  He said several times, “You never showed me this one.  Why have you never shown me this one?  It is so cool!”

And at bedtime last night, Elliot inquired about today’s weather.  He needed to know if the weather would require long sleeves again or not.  When I informed him that the weather would still be FREEZING today (high 50s, I think), he asked if I would wash the navy Superman shirt for him while he slept so that he could wear it again today!

So, in order to earn major points for the upcoming Mother of the Year Award, I washed and dried his new favorite shirt.  It was waiting for him this morning when he hopped out of bed and went searching for it.

He has a favorite shirt.  How funny.


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  1. We’d vote for you! Cute post.


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