Adoption Journal – 5

This month is National Adoption Month!  Here are a few links for your viewing:

Texas Adoption Resource Exchange; did you know that there are over 6,000 children IN TEXAS waiting for a family to adopt them??

And here are photos and info of some Children Waiting in Texas.  It is unbelievably moving to see photos of actual children needing to be adopted!

If you can’t adopt, then pray for the children!!

And now, another entry from my adoption journal.  It is dated April 4, 2001.

Between the months of November and March, we were pretty wishy-washy.  One day we felt like saying “yes” to adoption.  The next day we would say “yes” to fertility.  Paul mainly leaned toward adoption while I wavered greatly.  I really wanted to be sure that we were obeying the Lord.

We finally decided that “unless the Lord changes our minds” we would begin fertility treatment in May. Well, from that day on, the Lord bombarded us with adoption conversations and experiences.

We spent some time with some friends in Waco — their daughter, adopted from Haiti, has adjusted so well and our friends love that little girl so much!

We spent the weekend with friends in Charolotte, NC — their son is a sweet, beautiful, energetic addition to their family.

Also in Charlotte, we had dinner with an economist friend of Paul’s — he and his wife adopted their oldest child who has added joy to their family.

There were many more random conversations and experiences with people we didn’t even know.  It was amazing how adoption and transracial adoption was everywhere around us!  God is so patient with us. He brought family after family into our path in an attempt to lead us toward adoption.

Hmmmm, it seemed as though God was still laying adoption on our hearts!

We told our extended families of the possibility of our adopting while we were home for Christmas.  We got mostly support from them.  I know several of them have been praying for us since that time.  Our new baby will be so blessed to have such a great family — great-grands, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins!

Wow!  These journal entries are getting me excited!  Just to let you in on the timeframe, this journal is from the first of April.  Zach was born 6 weeks later!  Wow!!  We brought him home barely over a month after I wrote this journal entry!  I must say it again — Wow!  It’s awesome!  We love Zach!  We love what he is for our family!  And we love adoption!


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