Adoption Journal – 4

Have you heard?  It’s National Adoption Month!!  Pray. Sponsor. Adopt.  It’s fun!

Here’s my next adoption journal entry.  It’s dated March 27, 2001.

We didn’t have our meeting today after all.  Machelle, our social worker, was sick so we postponed it to Friday.

It is amazing to think that our baby has maybe already been conceived.  Perhaps the birthmother hasn’t even decided on adoption for sure yet.  She may be confused or hurting or alone.  Lord, I pray that You would comfort her.  I pray that You would lead her to Bethany and lead her to us.  I pray that the baby would grow strong and healthy inside of her.  I pray she and the baby would receive the medical care they need and that they would be cared for throughout this pregnancy.

I pray, Lord, that You would prepare our hearts to receive this baby.  I pray that the details of the adoption would be taken care of.  I pray that the process would go smoothly and quickly.  I pray that our hearts would be continually seeking You through the process and through the waiting period.

Give us wisdom in how to prepare Elliot to be a big brother.  Bless these next months of our having just Elliot.  I pray that we would make sweet memories with him.  Prepare his heart to be a loving, gentle, and patient big brother.  I pray that You would continue to orchestrate this whole adoption.

Bless You, Lord!

Wow!  I praise God for answered prayers!  Zachary is such a gift to our family!  And Elliot is, indeed, a loving, gentle, and patient big brother.

Here is a letter signed by President Obama proclaiming November to be National Adoption Month.


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  1. Love your site and your positive out-look! I had thought about doing a journal when we started the adoption process, but never did it. It was such a busy time, with so many emotions and stresses and questions, I found I could barely hang on let alone journal about it. Now looking back, I think journaling would have helped. Thanks for sharing 🙂


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