Our Adoption from the Start

To celebrate and promote National Adoption Month, I decided to share some of my journal entries from when we were adopting.  There aren’t many, but I think it will help tell our story!

This entry is dated March 22, 2001.  I didn’t know it yet, but I was already pregnant with Chloe at the time.

We turned in our adoption application yesterday to Bethany Christian Services.  We are quite excited and feel like we are pregnant!

The Lord really guided us to make this decision.  Since Elliot’s birth, we have tried to have another baby.  But God has a different plan for us, I think.

Paul and I have known for several years that we would eventually adopt two or more children.  The Lord led us to that decision years ago.  But in our plan, we thought we would have two biological children and then adopt.

But back in November, God began to reveal a different plan to us.  For a week or two, adoption was really on my mind and on my heart. Everyday something would bring it to mind.  I was having many “chance” meetings with adoptive families and lots of conversations involving adoptive families.  I didn’t pay much attention since adoption was not our immediate plan; I didn’t even tell Paul it was on my heart.

Then, that Sunday at church the sermon was on adoption!  It was during the introduction to the sermon that I realized that God had been putting adoption on my heart and that perhaps He had a different plan for us.  What a Holy Spirit moment — knowing that my God has spoken to me and is leading me so closely and obviously!

As soon as I could tell that the sermon’s topic was going to be adoption, I leaned oer to Paul and said, “This sermon is for us!  Adoption has so been on my heart!”

I must say that Paul was surprised at my words and took lots of notes during the sermon!  🙂

That day we decided to pray and seek God on whether to pursue adoption now or to begin fertility treatment. . . .

Funny that I even used the words we “feel like we’re pregnant!” when I really was actually pregnant at the time!  It cracks me up.

But those who have adopted will completely understand feeling pregnant during adoption when you’re not actually pregnant!  It’s like getting a positive pregnancy test! — only you have no idea how long of a “pregnancy” you’ll have.

Don’t forget to do something for National Adoption Month — pray for orphans!  sponsor an orphan!  or get more information about adoption!

We LOVE adoption!!


And now for the long-awaited photos of Romulus and Remus:


You can see Romulus standing on a rock, choking the life out of his brother.  Great art!  He made 95 and 100 on his diorama.


Things to notice in the second photo are the cotton clouds carefully glued in place and all the brown “dust” that caused much pain and distress in our home.

But all of that is behind us. . . . at least until the next pain and distress!


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