Adoption Links

We are part of a support group called Families Like Us.  It is a group for transracially adoptive families.  Transracial adoption is adoption of a child who is a different race than their parents.  Most of the people in our group are white couples who have adopted African American children – some domestically (from the US) and some internationally.  Families Like Us offers hamburger nights for dads to meet and eat and hang out; we do family fun events; we do informational meetings and mom’s coffees.  It is a great feeling to hang for a few hours and be surrounded by families like us!

This past weekend we had a family fun event.  We went to Rocky Top Ranch for a hot dog cookout, hayride, s’mores by the fire, and horse rides.  The kids had a ball!  And Paul and I are always so encouraged and inspired by other parents that we meet.

Here are some photos taken on Paul’s phone.



Remember that November is National Adoption Month.  If you are considering adoption, then this is the month to follow through and get some more information.  Here are a couple of more good links to check out.

International Orphan Care is a list of agencies who care for orphans worldwide.  You could find a spot to sponsor an orphan at that link.

At this link, Adoption, there is a list of some top agencies who specialize in adoption — domestic and international.

If you’re not going to adopt or sponsor, then you can pray for the 143 million orphans worldwide.  Pray!



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