A Quick Update

Surely it is just coincidence that 2 days after Halloween Zippy has a visible hole in his tooth accompanied by a toothache. . . .  Oh, brother!  We are off to the dentist this morning.

We are marking off days, watching the calendar as we wait to see Zachary’s psychiatrist on November 10th.  His emotions continue to rage out of control.  He has several huge episodes everyday right now.  He’s pitiful.  We all walk as if on egg shells — or really as if tip-toeing around a land mine, hoping it stays stable and steady until we get past.  He has incredible mood swings:  screaming with glee and hugging me and doing a big ol belly laugh and circles in the kitchen as he’s literally singing me a song declaring me the best Mom in the world . . . all because of his pleasure at discovering the package of raisins in the pantry;  then moments later when I ask him to throw a piece of trash away, he flails himself in the floor and screams and cries as if he’s being attacked by unseen fire ants in a fit that seems to go on and on.  That is a picture of how our days are right now.  Hopefully the psychiatrist will be able to help us next week.  Six days and counting . . . .

We are excited to meet with a new counselor for Zach tomorrow.  We will have our first session tomorrow afternoon.  The appointment was supposed to be Zach, me, and Mrs. K, but last night we discovered that tomorrow is the Thanksgiving lunch at school tomorrow.  Apparently Zach missed Thanksgiving lunch at school last year because of a doctor appointment, and he nearly freaked out at the news of missing it again this year.  I’ll call Mrs. K today to see about my coming in without Zach for the first visit.  It doesn’t make much sense to add frustration and stress and disappointment to go see someone who is going to try to help us with those things.  A little counterproductive, if you ask me.  But I am hoping that Zach and Mrs. K will be a good match and that she will be able to help him with dealing with his emotions and anxieties.

Chloe’s bowels/g.i. procedure:  The good news is that I haven’t had to clean my carpets since her procedure!  So that part is somewhat under control.  I don’t think the procedure was successful though.  I don’t actually know exactly what I’m supposed to be looking for.  But what I was expecting success to be was bowel movements.  Like maybe a couple a day or something normal like that.  But I am still seeing constant pooping.  There’s poop in every diaper.  So I am guessing that she still doesn’t have any sphincter control.  I am pleased though with the changes the doctor made in her laxative medications — I think she is staying cleaned out without me having to spot clean the carpets. . . .  Too much information?  We will see her g.i. doc in a couple of weeks to get his educated opinion.



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  1. Posted by Ellen Moore on November 4, 2009 at 8:24 PM

    Your blog is great Kelly! Keep it up. I think Zippy wanted to be like Catherine with the tooth 🙂


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