Quick GI Update

Here’s the low-down on Chloe’s GI procedure yesterday.  Again, I must warn you that this post might be boring and will talk about poop!!

Chloe was scheduled for anal botox injections yesterday.  Her sphincter muscle does not close, and the hope is that the botox injection will help it close.  This use of botox is sometimes successful, sometimes not.  (I’m resisting the urge to make a “no fine lines or wrinkles down there” comment.)  This procedure would require only gas anesthesia and only takes about 5 minutes, making it a very quick, easy deal.

Well, lo and behold, when the doctor got in the room to do the injections, he did an anal exam and she was quite clogged, to say the least.  So they called us in the little chatting room and asked if they could add on a couple of more procedures.  We agreed.

And we got to just stay and hang out in the little chatting room instead of going back into the busy waiting room with the masses.  We so enjoy any special treatment and jump at the opportunity to stay away from those coughing masses!!  And besides, food and drink are allowed in the private chatting room so I could drink my Java Chip Frappucino and Paul could eat his lunch.

So they went ahead and did IV anesthesia, like they would do for surgery, since these other procedures would take a while.  The doctor basically chiseled Chloe clean (Yikes!)  and washed her out.  And he did a colonoscopy while he was at it.

Then the doctor came back to the chatting room to give us the report.  I really like this doctor.  He is from Africa and has a strong accent that I love to listen to — and I have gotten better at understanding his accent in the past year.  The first appointment we had with him, Chloe just giggled the whole time because she thought his voice was hilarious!  It was quite difficult to listen, interpret a strong accent, and process new medical stuff while Chloe just sat on the table laughing until she cried.  I always remind Chloe before appointments with him that this doctor is the tall, dark, and handsome one!  We love him.  ANYWAY, the doctor was again amazed at how much poop she had in her and was again amazed at how incredibly stretched out her colon is.  But we were all pleased that at the moment it was a clean colon.  I have photos, but I’ll spare you that one!

The plan for now is to vamp up and change her laxative program and to wait to see if the botox injections work.  If the botox works and the laxative program is successful, the hope is that her colon would contract enough on its own to shrink back down to size.  (Sorta like the uterus has to contract back down to size after a woman has a baby.  Yikes!  I didn’t warn you that I’d also talk about girl parts in this post!!  Sorry!)  Then hopefully her normal-size colon might be able to contract enough (against a sphincter that can close thanks to botox) to have normal bowel movements on her own.

I am laughing as I’m writing this.  I wonder if anyone is still reading!!  Although this is not at all technical, it is certainly personal . .  .  and the non-technical part is cracking me up!  🙂

Okay.  I think that’s all I’ll put you through today.  I am so tempted to include photos since I’ve already gone this far!!  But I won’t.

Chloe stayed home from school today because she was quite tired.  She has the swollen face and the sore throat and phlegmy sounding cough and voice from post-anesthesia and breathing tube.  But she is happy as can be and is loving being home.  She is such a homebody!  She has spent a good part of the day loving on Butterscotch, the oh-so-soft doggy that Mimi bought her at the hospital yesterday.  Chloe and Butterscotch have been inseparable and have been just a squeaking away at each other!


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  1. Posted by Ronda C on October 22, 2009 at 8:13 PM

    Thanks for sharing, Kelly. Really. Now I know better how to pray!


  2. […] Wednesday Chloe had anal botox done for the second time.  We chose this procedure because of her constipation and her “mega […]


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