Give it Back!

If anyone knows where my camera is. . . . CHLOE!! . . . I do wish you’d return it.

I would love to be taking photos, but I can’t . . .  (Thanks to CHLOE!!!)

Please, whoever is responsible . . .  CHLOE!!! . . . find it and get it back to me.

I have a feeling that someone . . . CHLOE!! . . . took off with it and snapped a million photos until either the battery puttered out or the memory card was full.  And then instead of returning it to the charger, that certain person . . .  CHLOE!! . . . tucked my camera away somewhere. . .  like in CHLOE’s room or who knows where!!

I have a feeling that when I finally find my missing camera, the memory card will hold many photos much like these:


Some barefoot photos.


And some photos of feet with shoes.


Probably a few ceiling shots.


Perhaps some random scenery.


And most certainly some self-portraits.

It has happened before.  Many times before.

I think I will crawl around my house now so that I’m on Chloe’s level and see if I can find my camera tucked away somewhere. . . .  Ugh!


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by dad on October 21, 2009 at 9:36 AM

    thanks for this look into a little girls world …a very special little girl to her PAPA !!! it really made my day and made my old heart very tender.


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