Flag Puller!!

(It’s my blog, and I can brag if I want to, right??!!)

Zippy was HOT on the football field today!  He pulled more flags than any other player!!  Yippee!

And he LOVED to hear me yell for him from the sidelines.  I haven’t been cheering very much in the other games because I’ve been sitting with Chloe.  Chloe is NOT a fan of the yelling and freaks out if I yell or cheer or clap.  But today Paul was out of town and the aunts and uncles were otherwise occupied and couldn’t come to his game.  That left me and only me to cheer for him.  So I cheered and yelled and whooped and clapped!  Each time, he stopped and made eye contact with me and grinned at my cheering for him!

Offense is still VERY complicated for him.  The biggest (glaring!!!) episode today was this:  Zippy hiked the ball to the quarterback and then stood straight up and put his wristband with the plays on it right up to the end of his nose trying to figure out what he was supposed to do next.  He was still and silent, studying the play . . . . right in the middle of action and passing and running and screaming and catching and flag-pulling and whistle-blowing.  Then the play was over, and Zippy still stood like a statue, trying to make sense of that play until his teammates and coach finally called him out of his trance to come and join the huddle for the next play!  I admit I laughed at that one.  He is so cute and tries SO hard!!

Go #19!!


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