Pharaoh Chloe

When I was at Chloe’s school yesterday, her regular ed 1st grade teacher told me to be sure and check out Chloe’s work hanging in the hall.  The class had been studying pharaohs in social studies.  The assignment was to color the pharaoh head and then write a few sentences on “If I were the Pharaoh . . . ”  The teacher told me, too, that they had been talking about the 5 senses in science.  I appreciated the information but didn’t see how that was important for the Pharaoh assignment.  When I found Chloe’s work hanging on the wall, I understood why the teacher had mentioned their 5 senses study.

I found Chloe’s name and saw the color sheet of the Pharaoh’s head.  Then I read her sentences underneath:  “If I were pharaoh I would see people with my eyes.  I would smell food.”

Hmmmm.  Sounds like life as a pharaoh would not be so different from being a little girl in 1st grade!!  🙂

(I so wish I could find my camera so I could post a photo of her work!!!!)


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  1. Posted by Paul on October 15, 2009 at 5:39 PM

    She is so cute and funny! Why don’t you use Zippy’s camera?


    • I tried using Zippy’s camera yesterday, but the quality of the photos was AWFUL!! Looks like his parents bought him a cheap-o camera!! 🙂


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