Not Me! Monday

Today I’m joining MckMama and lots of other bloggers in Not Me! Monday, where we are confessing many things that we absolutely did not do this week!  (Of course we didn’t!)  You can click on over to her blog to see what other bloggers have not been doing!

This week I did not send Chloe to school with no breakfast and with her hair unbrushed.  I did not put her breakfast in her backpack with a note asking her teachers to feed her real quick before school.  And I certainly did not send a brush, detangle spray, and elastics and ask them to fix her hair real quick before school.  Not me!  No way!  I would never do something like that!  I always get up in plenty of time to get my children ready for school.  And I always leave plenty of time to feed Chloe before the bus gets here!  I did not send her to school in that condition.  Not Me!  I would be way too embarrassed!

And I did not send Elliot to school in jeans that were 2 sizes too big because I haven’t shopped for winter clothes for him yet.  Since he is a size 10, I did not send him in a size 14 with the little button/elastic waist band cinched up really tight.  And I certainly did not pull those too-big jeans out of the hand-me-down bin and put them on his body without washing them first.  No way!  Not Me!  I always send my children to school looking well-groomed and stylish and wouldn’t think of sending him to school looking that pitiful.  Nope.  Not Me!

And on Wednesday when I had a few friends over, I did not have dirty dishes in my sink that had been there for a couple of days!  Nope!  Not Me!  And those dishes were not still there when one of the friends came back over Sunday night!  No way!  I’m always quick to get the kitchen cleaned up after cooking, and I finish the job every time.  I would not leave dirty dishes in my sink for nearly a week!  Never!  Not Me!

You get the idea, I suppose.  Any confessions to make that you certainly have not been doing?


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  1. Posted by Fran on October 12, 2009 at 4:23 PM

    I’m sure your friend forgives the dishes in the sink thing, even though I am sure she’d NEVER do something like that herself. 😉


    • Ha! Fran! You saw my confession! Now you know the twisted truth of the confessions . . . . 🙂 Glad you’re so forgiving, friend!


  2. Posted by Fran on October 12, 2009 at 5:30 PM

    I did not forget to wash my son’s grass stained football practice pants. I am not sending him to practice tonight in those same grass stained pants!


  3. Ha ha! I did not send my 8th grader to school in shorts and flip flops in 40-degree weather because he has NOT ONE SINGLE pair of pants that fit him. And a week later he doesn’t still not have any pants. And I’m not unsure whether my daughter has a winter coat that fits her. (Did I mention I live in Michigan, and winter is practically upon us?)


    • Funny, Daxie! Where in Michigan do you live? We lived in Grand Rapids for 5 years. All 3 children were born there. We loved Michigan!


      • We’re on the other side of the state, near Detroit. I’m looking out the window right now at the most gorgeous fall color! Do you miss having four seasons or do you like having warm weather year round?

      • Oh, you’re over near the thumb, eh? 🙂 Zippy was born in Detroit actually. We went there to meet his birthmom this summer. And we are trying to plan a trip up to see her again sometime soon.

        I loved having seasons in Michigan. I was terrified of the winters before we moved there, but I did just fine in the winters. But I must say that I LOVE TX weather! As much as I love MI, I am a TX girl for sure! 🙂

        And speaking of Detroit: how terrible that 3 people died running the Detroit marathon this weekend!! That is so sad! My husband was in Palo Duro Canyon, TX running a 50 mile race there! So the 3 people dying sorta hit home. Ugh. That is so yucky!

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