Dad of the Year, for sure!

Today, without waiting to accept any other nominations, I’d like to award Paul with the Dad of the Year Award.  (I hated to leave him out because, of course, dads keep score, too!  And if they don’t, then we moms do it for them!!)  He earned the award in ONE day on our vacation this summer.  We walked through Mammoth Cave in Kentucky.  It was a 2 and a half hour tour that involved many, many stairs and numerous tight spaces and low ceilings. We were all exhausted at the end of the tour.  Our bodies were sore and tired.  But what did Paul do on that tour to earn honor and praise??

CIMG1040He CARRIED Chloe the entire time!  (No wheelchairs allowed!)

CIMG1020Forty-pound Chloe who has the amazing ability to quadruple her weight right before your eyes!

CIMG1026Holding Chloe has been likened to holding a 40-pound water balloon!  Not an easy task!

CIMG1025But Paul carried that precious girl for 2 and a half hours, 816 stairs, many skinny bridges, and several slippery slopes.

CIMG1050Award worthy?  I think so.

Uh-oh!  I think I may need to reconsider his award.  As I typed this, Paul lost Chloe.  Uh, yeah.  She was out the front door, around the house, and sticking her little skinny fingers through the slats of the big air-conditioner-box-thing on the side of the house.  Yikes.

Feel free to make nominations.  All dads are back in the running!

(And, by the way, no one is allowed to point out the fact that I was on the computer instead of keeping a watchful eye on my daughter!)


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