Ever had a doctor pray with you??  We have an ophthalmologist that I love!  He has performed several surgeries on both Chloe and Zippy.  Before each surgery, he comes in and prays for my kids!!  And prays that the surgery is successful!!  And there are signs in his patient rooms saying that they love to pray with their patients!  Wow!  I think it’s awesome to entrust my children to a doctor who knows who the Real Doctor is!  I love it!  Paul jokingly (I think!) says he is leery about a doctor who has to pray for his surgeries to be successful!!  He says he wants a doctor who performs successfully simply because he’s a skilled doctor!  🙂

(Warning:  The rest of this post is very possibly boring and too detailed . . . and even talks about poop!!  As always, please feel free to scan it or skip it all together!)

Chloe had 2 doctor appointments this week — ophthalmology and gastro.  These were both appointments that I was pretty anxious about.

When Chloe was only a few months old, we thought she was blind because of her lack of response to visual things.  We learned that she could see, but her vision was quite poor and she wasn’t processing visual stimuli properly.  She has worn glasses since she was a baby — long before she could sit up.  She has had 3 strabismus surgeries, has patched one eye for years, had daily eye drops, and had other visual therapies.  She still has poor eyesight, but with her glasses on she has done quite well.  And her last strabismus surgery has been successful so far!  However, lately, she won’t keep her glasses on when she’s reading or doing close-up things.  I was starting to think she maybe needed bifocals, and I wasn’t excited about getting her used to them.  But, praise the Lord!  We got a good report this week from ophthy:  her vision hasn’t changed! and her close vision is still just fine!  The doctor explained that she can see well with no lens at a 14 cm distance, and that her thick lenses distort that image for her– that’s why she’s taking off her glasses.  The good news is that developmentally she has progressed to the point that she knows what is distorting her vision when she’s reading, and she takes off her glasses to fix the problem!!  It is so exciting to see Chloe understand a problem and know how to fix it!!  Great news!  (Except for the fact that when she takes her glasses off, she usually throws them so they are repeatedly getting broken!!)

The second appointment was with the G.I. doctor.  Chloe’s bowels are low-functioning which results in chronic constipation.  She has been on a large daily dose of Miralax since before her 2nd birthday.  Not to get too graphic, but she either doesn’t potty enough or she goes so much that I’m doing extra loads of laundry and shampooing my carpets from all the mess!  Always one extreme or the other.  This summer we learned that she has more bowel function than previously thought, and the doctor was hopeful that with a new laxative protocol she would gain more function.  But her bowels are behaving the same way they always have, unfortunately.  So now, before resorting to a major surgery on her bowels, we have one last treatment to try: botox!  Yes, botox.  Odd, I know.  In 2 weeks she will go in for an outpatient procedure and receive botox injections in her bottom.  (Ouch!  But she’ll be asleep for it.)  We are crossing our fingers and saying our prayers that this treatment is successful!  The doctor warned me that success would not come overnight — it will take a long time for her colon to regain shape and function . . . .  (Too much information??)

Two big doctor appointments in one week — actually they were both on Tuesday.  That’s a pretty ordinary day in our life . . . .


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