“Why do you call him Zippy?” people often ask us about 8 year old Zachary.

Well, Zippy is very . . . zippy!  He spins in circles.  He crashes into furniture and bumps and bonks into Mom and Dad.  He runs screaming (happy and otherwise) through the house.  He does flips on the couch.  He jumps on the bed.  He rolls and twists up in the blankets that he drags all over the house.  He jumps and lands on his head on the oversized chair.  He bounce! bounce! bounces on the chair while chanting the same word or phrase over and over and over.  He jumps countless times a day on the mini-trampoline in front of the television.  He hops.  He does cartwheels in the living room.  He twists and turns on the sidewalk.  He climbs on the furniture.  He throws the cushions and couch pillows.  He stands on his head.  He acts like a bouncy magnet when he’s in the room with me — bouncing off of me and then bouncing off of me again and again.

He’s very zippy.  🙂

Zach got the nickname when he was just 3 years old.  We were on vacation visiting friends.

The first day there, my friend said, “I keep wanting to call him Zippy!”

We all laughed, agreeing it was a pretty appropriate nickname.  When we told Zachary about it, he loved the name and immediately refused to be called anything else!  When anyone called him Zachary, he would correct them, instructing them to call him Zippy.

And the nickname stuck.  Zippy!  I think it’s pretty fitting.  🙂


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